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Leading our RES October All-School Meeting!

Today our class led an All-School Meeting!  They were the planners and presenters at the meeting, and they did a great job!  Here are some pics from the morning!

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Super Senses !

Our class just completed their presentations to each other about the super senses in the animal kingdom!  Check it out below!  Great work, kids!!!!

Click here to see our Super Senses slide show!

Field Trip to the Birds of Vermont Museum

Today we did some wonderful learning at our very own BOV Museum in Huntington, Vermont!  We made a great day out of a rainy one!  Thanks to all the parents who joined us, and GREAT job, kids!  You made us proud, and took in all you could today through your investigations through the Museum.  Here's some pics from our day!

Kinderbuddy Time!

On Wednesday we spent time with our Kinderbuddies making some very interesting and amazing Jack-O-Lanterns to add to our RES front hall!  The pumpkin patch is there to enjoy and what fun putting it together! What happy faces!!!  I'm so proud of the 4th graders and their kindness and support of their little buddies.  It truly fills our hearts :)

Coincidence? Check this out.....

Here's what we have to say about having a positive attitude:

*When you have a good attitude, your work is so much easier to do!
*If your attitude is bad all the time, you're not gonna learn.  But if you have a good attitude, you're gonna be so smart your head will explode!
*If your attitude is doubtful, then you won't get anywhere, but if you have a positive attitude, then you will be able to travel to Alaska!
*Attitude is important because then you have confidence and know you can do it!
*If you have a good attitude you'll get more work done and you'll get smarter because you're able to get more done.
*Having a good attitude helps you learn and get stuff done faster.
*Having a good attitude is important because if you say you can't do something you won't be able to do it, and if you say you can, you will!
*Having a good attitude helps you do your work the best that you can!
*A positive attitude is 100% needed because it builds up all the other impo…

How Many Raisins in a Box?

Do you know?  We didn't either. So we investigated and made LINE PLOTS to find out and interpret our findings.  Fun and delicious!

Math Warm Ups

It's a great way to start our day as we're asked to stretch our thinking in share our strategies and problem solving.  Here's a little bit of our math class..... Well done, kids!