Story Writing......

Reading the story Fireflies has helped us to create some interesting STORY ARCS for writing our own pieces!  We're discovering the joy and excitement of writing fiction based upon our real lives.  Our characters are developing, our plots are twisting, and the action is building.......each day is bringing some new and exciting turns and discoveries.  We're living the lives of real authors - where will our imaginations take us next?  We'll have to wait and see! Stay tuned!
We built this STORY ARC after reading Fireflies.  Ask us about it and we'll tell you the beautiful story about the boy who reached into his heart to keep the light shining.......

Structures and Functions - Super Science!

Our class is is doing some fine researching, thinking, and creating!  How do the structures of animals help them perform the functions that help them to survive in their environments?  Students have created posters showing what they've learned about a chosen Vermont animal.  Take a look!

Audubon Field Trip is Postponed!!!!

Because of the weather forecast for tomorrow, 9/21, our 4th graders will NOT be going to the Audubon!  Instead, we have a raindate set for Wednesday, 10/3 !  Please mark your calendars and hope for a beautiful Vermont fall day!  Chaperones, please let us know if you can still make it!  Awesome!

GrowLab Update!

Just last Friday we planted seeds and stuck them in our class GrowLab.  Wow.  There's lots happening already!  So exciting!

We met our Kinderbuddies today!!!

Today was a very exciting day for us!  We got to meet our Kinderbuddies!  We had a celebration of International Dot Day (which is actually on September 15th) and read a book together!  The Dot, by Peter Reynolds, was published on September 15th, 2003.  In 2009, people all over the world began to celebrate the themes and message of this story.  How will you "make your mark" in the world?  Bravery, self-expression, and creativity - all are acknowledged and highlighted in this simple, yet powerful book.  After sharing a reading experience together, kids got together with their buddies and created their own "dot" masterpiece!  What wonderful conversations!  Here are some pictures of our afternoon.  Enjoy.... :) 

First All-School Assembly!

Today was our FIRST assembly of our LAST year at RES ! Wow!  We welcomed the Kindergartners to RES with a very special and warm Carnation ceremony. 

Digging in to Science!

Our class is digging deep into our first science unit, and I'm incredibly excited about the amazing questions, and wonderful curiosity of the group!  A question that came up after a conversation of Living and Non-Living Things was - Can humans live without the Sun?  Great question!  (which led to lively and smart conversation)  As we dig into "Structures and Functions" of living things, today we dissected flowers to see first hand the parts of a plant that help it survive.  Great fun!  We'll be planting some seeds in our Grow Lab, including experimenting with seeds harvested from our flowers today!  Thank you Mrs. Davis and Paquette's Nursery for the flower donations!