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Book Sale Day at RES !

It was a wonderful day at RES!  There were lots of happy faces and kind hearts as kids purchased new books not just for themselves, but for others as holiday gifts.  It was a day to celebrate the supportive and caring embrace of our RES Community - and to give thanks for these amazing kiddos who showed each other the true joy of reading, helping others, and building amazing responsibility and friendship.
You'll see in these pics, the faces of some young friends at the sale as well as our class counting the money raised - quarter by quarter.....pretty neat :)   The money will go right back to the kids of RES. Some will also be used to buy some new books for the University of Vermont Pediatric Unit.
Nice work RES - You did it!  

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It was State Fair Day in our Class!!!

Today was a GREAT day for the kids, as they shared their State Fair Projects and got to fill in families and friends about all the amazing and interesting things they learned about their chosen state!  Wonderful job, kids!!!!
Your Fan,
:)Mrs. B

It was a great "Dress Like a Favorite Character Day!"

Be sure to check out Mr. White's posts for some images of every class celebrating this day!  What fun!  Here we have Arthur, his sister, D.W., and their mom, Jane Read! 

Celebrating our Veterans on Veteran's Day

On Monday Morning our class made sure that we thanked out nation's Veteran's for their dedication and service to our country.  We read a book called "The Wall", and then had a disussion and writing session about "Why it's important to celebrate Veteran's Day".  Headed to RES?  Be sure to check out our ideas, hanging in the front lobby.  Thank you.

Study Your States! (and HAVE FUN!)

Here's a little tune we listen to often!  Catchy and full of learning!

This one has been around a while, but also fun to learn the capitals!

Clicking this link will take you to a site that helps you practice your state locations!  
Click here for one more way to study!

Family Math Mornings

So much fun seeing families for some wake me up Math Games on Wednesday mornings in our classroom!  I hope that you are all having a good time relaxing with the kids and playing some games that are new to you and/or tried and true!  Remember that no RSVP is ever necessary! 

How Do Eyes Work?

Kids did some AMAZING models and wrote some INCREDIBLE entries about how EYES work and how they help us see and process information from the world around us!  I'm so proud of them!  And what better day than HALLOWEEN to display them in the RES Library so they can keep a "eye" on everything! haha.